High T Black Hardcore Formulation 152ct


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High T BLACK Hardcore Formulation

Testosterone Booster + Nitric Oxide Booster

As you age, testosterone production slowly declines year after year. High T® Black Hardcore Formulation was scientifically formulated with powerful natural ingredients to help reverse this decline and give you your youthful energy back. This product also contains L-Citrulline and other ingredients to boost Nitric Oxide levels leading to quicker recovery times after a workout. 

    • Improves strength, endurance and recovery
    • Increases and sustains free testosterone levels
    • Enhances drive, energy and motivation
    • Reduces fatigue and boosts concentration

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[High T]® Black is a scientifically-formulated elite testosterone booster supplement. It has a premium, all-natural and non-proprietary blend of ingredients, all while being governed by strict guidelines for safety and quality.

Boost and Sustain Levels of Free Testosterone.

Enhance Drive, Energy, and Motivation.

Increase Strength, Endurance, and recovery time.

Reduce Fatigue and Improve Motivation.

PROVEN INGREDIENTS & SCIENCE: Scientifically formulated with clinically proven ingredients that are effective, safe, and natural.

Product Ingredients

  • 600mg of Fenugreek boosts natural testosterone levels, libido, strength, and enhances performance in the bedroom.
  • Includes a combination of L-Citrulline DL-Malate 1:1 at 1200mg and Vaso6 at 150mg, creating a dual synergistic nitric oxide pathway to having increased blood flow, performance, nutrient delivery, and recover. 
  • 100mg of Long Jack enhances strength, drive, desire, and performance. 
  • 60mg of Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen that promotes positivity, uplifts mood, combats stress, and supports weight management. 

Take it from this guy, you don't want to be in the Low-T Zone!

Product Features

  • Manufactured under cGMP guidelines
  • Made in the USA
  • Clinically Backed Formulations
  • Fully Disclosed Labels
  • High Quality Raw Material
  • Made with Natural Ingredients

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