Become an Affiliate

Our affiliate program offers supplement enthusiasts a chance to flex their sales muscles. Through our program you can supplement your income, share your favorite products, and build your marketing skills.

Get Started in a Few Steps

Cascading Affiliates (Four Sales Levels)

  • Register as an Affiliate
    Send an affiliate request to We will respond back with instructions.

  • Create a Unique Discount Code
    Create a discount code. Discount codes will all have the format of (yourcode10)

  • Earn Commission from Referrals  
    Earn commissions from four different sales levels. Increase commission across sales levels by signing up more affiliates.

Online Sales Using Your Code


Online Sales from Your Own Affiliates


Online Sales from 3rd Degree Affiliates


Online Sales from 4th Degree Affiliates


Become an Authorized Reseller

We offer authorized resellers discount pricing. Flexible policies at [High T] help resellers to set the terms. We only ask that you sell on premises, so please do not resell our products online.