Affiliate Program

Do you have what it takes? We are looking for individuals with at least 100 followers who post regularly on their feed and posts are relative to the HighT brand. Don’t worry, we have an incredible variety of products that are fit for everyone’s daily life. Let me break it down for you… i. HighT – Natural testosterone booster That’s not all, there are also sister companies to the HighT brand, all Powered by HighT… ii. Envisions – Daily health iii. Construct Labs – Sports nutrition iv. HighT Women – Women’s hormonal supplement v. Backcountry Series – Outdoor supplements vi. Acuvea – Eye health vii. Rejuve – Skin health

The Details

What we ask of you as an AFFILIATE: • 2 posts AND 2 stories a month promoting your code. • Your page MUST be public in order to be accepted. • Follow all HighT Instagram pages, turn on post notifications, and engage with posts as soon as possible once it’s posted. o @hight_supps, @hightwomen, @hight_gentlemen, @envisions_daily, @construct_labs. @rejuve_glow • Use HighT social hashtags as frequent as possible. o #boostwhatmatters #balancewhatmatters #poweredbyhight #glowwithus #hightaffiliate • Repost any giveaways or contests that are posted on any of the social media accounts. • Stay up to date with all the new products that are launched, this will help your sales.

The Benefit

What you get in return: • Upon being accepted, we will send you a welcome email with information on how to get started. • Receive a customized 10% off coupon code and earn 20% commissions every time that code is applied to an order. • Access to sales sheets and other assets for the products so you can learn about the amazing products HighT has to offer. • Last but definitely not least, we know that you will be doing a lot for us so we will be sending you a monthly care package that best fits you and your lifestyle!

Any questions about our affiliate program can be sent to! Ready to get started? Just fill out the application below, email it to the email listed above, and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days. Social Media Accounts (link or handle): Name First name Contact Information Last name