Revival \\ Backcountry Essential Series - From Kifaru
Revival \\ Backcountry Essential Series - From Kifaru
Revival \\ Backcountry Essential Series - From Kifaru
Revival \\ Backcountry Essential Series - From Kifaru
Revival \\ Backcountry Essential Series - From Kifaru

Revival \\ Backcountry Essential Series - From Kifaru


Survival just got easier!!

Formulated exclusively by the team at KIFARU and High T, REVIVAL is the first product developed in the venture's quest to take over the backcountry. Dominating each in its own respected categories, this venture brings together the rough & tough, loyal & true, pure backcountry sprint & vision with the groundbreaking, innovative, and industry moving concepts of hight to deliver what is set to be the most comprehensive, pure, and easy to use survival supplement altogether.  

REVIVAL is an all in one solution to survival support in the backcountry and daily life targeting key missing nutrients missed in the human diet. aiding general well being and mood support backed with the most comprehensive immune booster ever seen in the backcountry. Revival's benefits included neuro-nutrients for the brain, heart & cardiovascular properties, joint, essential fatty acids, and is fully loaded with antioxidants. 


REVIVAL is the ultimate survival supplement, tailormade with five different solutions, targeting the body head-to-toe for the elements of the backcountry.


REVIVAL  features 30 on-the-go durable packets, so you never miss a day of preventative Health.


REVIVAL features the ground breaking power and results of HighT products by combining the same Science, Technology, & Innovation for the backcountry series.


REVIVAL is an all-in-one comprehensive solution targeted to aid in surviving the elements for a fraction of the cost. Revival combines the power of 5 supplements without cutting any corners.


  • Fill Key Vital Nutritional Gaps & Omega fatty acids
  • Head to Toe Support including Brain, Heart, & Vision
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory & Joint Health
  • Comprehensive Blend of Immune Support

Revival Includes...


  • 1  Highly Absorbable Vitamins/Minerals
  • 2  Naturally Sourced Omega-3 Soft-Gels Derived From Pure Fish Oil
  • 1  Turmeric Root Extract Containing 95% Pure Curcuminoids With Quick Absorption
  • 1  Brain & Vision Support Capsule

Five Supplements. No Corners Cut. Nothing Missed.

Revival is Proudly

  • Made With Naturally Sourced Ingredients.
  • Sourced From Trusted & Reliable Suppliers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Backcountry Tested and Approved.

Featuring Elemental Defense

Formulated by the teams at Kifaru and HighT, Elemental Defense was designed for the harsh elements of the backcountry. Elemental Defenses is a comprehensive immunity booster, loaded with natural herbs like Echinacea and Elderberry, paired with clinically proven Vitamin C and highly absorbable Zinc Orotate. Elemental Defense doesn't stop there and adds another layer of protection with exotic mushrooms known around the world for their healing and immune benefits.


Complete Immunity Aid for the Backcountry

  • A Powerful 3 Way Approach to Immune Support
  • Rich in Powerful Vitamins and Exotic Herbs & Mushrooms
  • Contains Immune Boosting Properties That Fight Against a Weak Immune System

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